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[求助] with 1.2 million people

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Southern Rural News reported August 28: August 16, newspaper editorial department received Wuchuan City, Guangdong Province, a seaside village streets Bo Mao villagers rebellion, said the village damiaocun affiliated group already extended the expiration, but has not been a general election, while the remaining four villages Bo Mao village groups, early in 2008 the work has been completed. In this regard, the villagers talking about the temple and several questions but damiaocun cadres and relevant agencies did not make any response.
In Wuchuan, Bo Mao village so similar difficulty village is not uncommon in the country, the so-called difficulty Village 60000, accounting for 6% of the total village. How this village governance? Wuchuan city government thought would be to split the village, and in 2002, respectively, the town will grow manifold original Xiao Shan Xiao Shan village is divided into the East Village and Kam village, in 2008 the Pakistani town of the former Village Tan village Village will be divided into the village committee and the ficus. Another wave in the country and the village boom, Wuchuan Fen Village practice very garish. To this end, the reporter went to check it out Wuchuan.
Omura million appraisal bottom
The city is divided into two resolutions
March 21, 2008, Wuchuan city government to make approval, agreed to Tan Village Palestinian village into town village, two village on Yung. After hearing the news, the main village Village  finally landed a stone hearts.
Previously, the village is a village with 10,500 people,moncler sito ufficiale, "Big Mac", under the jurisdiction of the village, and the village of Qin Rong nine village groups, with a total area of 80,000 square kilometers. "Population,hogan donna, where a large variety of social disputes more", the incumbent village Party branch secretary Zhang Sheng remember the past, always feel busy. In the case of long-term maintenance of wages at around $ 400, the village cadres, mostly with other undertakings (Zhang Sheng himself in the business brick), which makes it more difficult for the village cadres into the village affairs management.
In nine of the original village village village group, the new village group also plays a special role. It occupies a third of the village population, family planning violations very seriously. At the end of 1999 statistics,moncler piumini, the new team of more than 600 households in the village there are more than 100 students have six tires,http://www.freegraphicland.com/cgi-bin/rankem.cgi, and even students have 10 villagers Liang tire!
After the above-mentioned phenomenon "Nanfang Daily" After exposure, alerted the Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Li Changchun included, including a large number of senior leadership. Inspection cadres at all levels, under the media follow-up, the remoteness of the village, for a time became unbearable noise. "For this thing Village, light reception superiors, Wuchuan spent millions." Tan Ba town party secretary Zhang Yafu repeatedly shook his head, in the assessment of the indicators in the town government, village committee was basically came in The town of 14 village committees in reciprocal twelve, full of family planning, Bingai, maintenance of stability,http://xpt9894.hk84.53dns.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=221777, so that the town government elections headache problem.
"Village (Village group) has always been the most appealing, it is best to make their own pipes themselves." Tan Jing in commodity market shop, the village Tan Yung Yung Qingchun quiet village group of villagers do not hide their views on the Village. In fact, a new group of villagers village itself, there are centrifugal movement, villagers Cai Mizuki said:. "Not to draw a small village, is a dead end."
Under the unity, divide the village Village imperative. But how it should be divided? Tan Pakistani town government hopes the new group and Qin village village group into one village, because there are more than 1000 population Qin village, with the village of 3,500 people, so you can barely Village village population into two. But Qin village group to "Village too messy" as an excuse,scarpe hogan, leading to mass petition more. Shaw Village closeout team group in a report released in 2000 show that: From 1993 to 1999,bracciali tiffany, the group has a receivable houses money 146,600 yuan, multivessel cadres wages and transportation expenses total 30,000, unreasonable expenses of $ 50,000. The existence of irregularities village group cadres still sell land, build schools and other aspects of the project. Approved levels, Xiao Shan village is divided into two, the more problematic Shaw became a separate village village group, the rest of the village group merged into Kam East Village.
Hi things easier for villagers
Village anger village not transfer accounts
August 18 morning, the Southern Rural News reporter went to the village committee. In the village, a small country markets has become the prototype: a shop villagers linoleum, the production of eggplant, vegetables placed for sale; new clothes on bamboo, are quietly waiting to buy the villagers. "With the bazaars," is the Palestinian town of Tan Village government's foreign commendable achievement points village.
In the next butcher, a dustpan which expanded gambling Pai Gow has attracted everyone's attention. Soon, the dealer has filled the bill in front of the villagers in the cries came and went. "Maoming, Zhanjiang border where gambling is really too much, so every village, this is not a sub-village can be solved." Village is responsible for policing the CAI Jing Yan helpless.
In the village committee members Wu Xinhui opinion,http://bbs.dingshenshuo.com/thread-1909888-1-1.html, after sub-village, the greater the change from the style of the village. Newly built three toilets, changing the past the villagers self-built traditional latrine, so that greatly improved the health status of the village; piped water and roads, the villagers also makes life more convenient.
Tan Ba town party secretary Zhang Yafu more attention is divided village after village in the two assessment criteria. Year, for example, Bingai, village village planning work are ranked in the forefront of the town, and the town of Yung also ranked in the middle reaches of the village, two villages have been achieved, "a turnaround."
At 9:00 on August 19, the villagers had been sitting in the Wuchuan Jindi Xiao Shan village office, a few minutes, the two had to prove that she needed a good start - are economically disadvantaged proof were just opening for himself Sun Yat-sen and his two sons admitted Wuchuan City, the second high school. "Much more convenient than before." I remember once Jindi yet divided village seven years ago, the village committee office in the village from Shaw group two kilometers outside the village of bamboo Chinese team went to the village stamp the card, then take a walk Fan leg muscles; most troubling, most of the village cadres and industry, sometimes to the village,scarpe hogan, but no cadre office, she had to backtrack.
Although some villagers feel convenient, but Xiao Shan village cadres, but most feel divided village did not meet the intended purpose. 2003 to 2008 served as the village head Wu Paul said after taking office, has not received the last of their own financial books, not even sure how much debt owed village. The current committee members Wuya Xin Xiao Shan, also known as, Wu did not receive in order to maintain the village, led by the last two financial books. Sessions village attack each other, making it difficult to work smoothly Shaw Village. Moreover, although in 2000 the group released Xiao Shan villagers closeout results, but the responsible person is not punished for this, Wu Yaxin been unable to let go.
After the sub-village, because there is only one village group, Village and Shaw Village by village committee members are part-time village group cadres. In the 69-year-old Xiao Shan villagers Wu Huanxiu opinion, which is equal to abolish the village group,http://www.xialipu.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=6803&fromuid=2500, convenient village cadres autocracy, "In the future there will be no one to compete with the village cadres,peuterey outlet, to protect the interests of the villagers." However, Wuchuan Nagasaki Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the town government agreed that the group should not be another set of people, otherwise it will increase the burden on the one hand,http://www.armonicos.co.jp, the village committee, on the other hand is not conducive to advancing a variety of decision-making.
And town and village as a warning to refuse
Advancing sub village repeatedly frustrated
In 2003, Guangdong Province issued a "CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee of Guangdong Provincial People's Government on the adjustment of the size of the province of the village committee,hogan interactive," which set off a boom and the village.
Wuchuan City Civil Affairs Bureau also received the documents, however, it thinks, and does not meet the Wuchuan actual village, it has not been taken by the relevant action. Wuchuan so-called "real" in Wuchuan City Government Offices Administration of the Deputy Secretary Tommy seems Wuchuan is densely populated: the 848 square kilometers of land, living with one million population. And Lianjiang "neighbors" is 3.3 times the land area of Wuchuan, the population was only 1.5 times the Wuchuan. Tommy believes are each village population Wuchuan Ping this on more, so the merger is not realistic.
After appearing and town Wuchuan problems, but also to the Civil Administration and the village to be more careful. 2003, Wuchuan merge the two towns, but not in time for Fu Keji cadres to "digest", leading to the town pond decorated with six former township cadres can not be scheduled duties. Tong decorated town after "annexation" Town Board, area 145.57 square kilometers, with a total population of 120,000,nike tn pas cher, there are 27 village, and town team of 11 people, an average team members to hang two or more village, "Work pressure is very great. "
"And the town is there because of the above requirements, the ratio of 17%, and the village but no index, and so we chose not to." Wuchuan City Civil Affairs Bureau Chief of grassroots governments Sun Wei believes appropriate size should be 1000-2000 village people This easy to manage. Too large for the size of the village people, the Civil Administration has a purpose and a plan for a proposal to try to subdivide them,louboutin femme, but subject to certain resistance.
For example, in 2007, the Civil Administration to the streets of the seaside village of Bo Mao made a plan, trying this with 120 million people, close to the city is divided into two villages village, which has a reason is: Bo Mao village in the city Government land land for less "fit." However, Bo Mao village committee does not accept sub-program, the village believes big village, the villagers more, in the face of stronger bargaining position  some government land; moreover, Bo Mao village near the sea, there are many shoals, if divided into two villages Committee, which is difficult to assign a public beach.
In addition,abercrombie pas cher, the Civil Affairs Bureau also intends to Nagasaki town of Su Village Committee surgery, this "village people" division, because the Soviet Union as the village is also the same as the former village committee, the village at the time of each election, there gang problem fierce struggle. This time, including Su village committee and the town government did not agree to long-manifolds, Su village believe that the Soviet Union has become a brand banana village, if the village is divided, it will weaken the influence of the brand; Nagasaki town government believes that a few acres of public ponds Sue is no way to divide the village.
However, despite repeated setbacks, Sun Wei insisted that the development direction of the sub-village is the village-level organizations. Pakistani town party secretary Tan  also that, from the perspective of effective management, the sub-village will be imperative. (Source: Southern Rural News)
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